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This series is aimed at young explorers who want to discover the wonders of nature, both the distant past and the present. Led by Lia and Francesco the readers set off on great little journeys where they discover places to look at, touch, listen and smell, but also hidden places that they can only visit with their imagination.The format, the big posters, the well- drawn natural illustrations and the story are all tools which allow children to get close to nature on a journey whose pages encourage physical contact.

Dear Earth

A new adventure of Lia and Francesco, starting from a leisure opportunity - a holiday in the country at their grandparents farm.
The two children explore and become familiar with the rural world, in the company of new friends. The volume includes three large posters with natural images to help readers to carry out a surprising journey through cultivated fields, crops, cattle and farmyard animals - to become aware of farming cycles.
Children are helped to know earth as a natural habitat as well as a development - through story full of information, adventures and exciting encounters. 

First reprint 


Texts author: Emanuela Nava 
Illustrations: Gionata Alfieri, Erika Luppi, Fiammetta Dogi, Rossella Faleni  
Paperboard spiral bound volumes   26 pages   In 17 x 48 cm format Opensize
68 x 48 cm Age: from 5 years upwards

Series: Little journeys get bigger
Other titles in the series: Dear Dinosaur, Dear Sea, Dear
Park, Dear River.

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