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It's a collection of stories aimed to let children fly on imagination's wings over cultural boundaries. Children will be so travelling among tales, myths or legends, finding out new ways of learing and living distant cultures' habits.

What a Revolution!


A title dedicated to the history of the printing press, from its origins to today and beyond, with a look at the future and the prospects for the e-book.
What a Revolution describes the invention of the printing press and the evolution of the book, both technically and in terms of the social and historical impact of this new "art form". the eight historical chapters are introduced  by eight creative texts, each one ina adifferent style (letter, nursery rhyme, science, fiction story..) all involving a wide rage of athors: two children's writers, a historian and eight illustrators. 

Narrative text: Beatarice Masini, Roberto Piumini
Scientific text: Adriana Paolini
Illustratios: Monica Zani, Svjetlan Junakovic, Gianni De Conno, Patrizia La Porta, Gek tessaro, Ale+Ale, Chiara Carrer, Manuela Bertoli


Illustrated volumes bound with paper board cover 80 pages In 17 x 29  Age: from 8 years upwards.

Series: Stories with wings
Other titles in the series: 
  • Long-legs tales - A collection of fairy tales coming from distant countries 
  • A world of mythical adventures  - A collection of illustrated myths and legends
  • A world of fabolous tales - An illustrated collectios of classic fairy tales
  • Up there at the castle there was - Legend from a land of border
  • Kuta's invention - Writing and the history of the written manuscript
  • What a Revolution! - From Gutemberg to e-books
  • A world of other stories - Illustrated tales from far away-countries
  • A dive into the heart - Memories from life on a farm 
  • Filippo and the others - Good-night stories 

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