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REMAINING - Because art is a meeting with no concept of time

Remaining is a large illustrated volume that Gek Tessaro has dedicated to Art. 
It is an evocative and charming journey through a series of museums, an example of how it is possible to look at all the details of a work of art, examine the colours and shades, and finally “discover it” by devoting all the time to it that it deserves.
Line by line he tells the story of a series of apparently impossible meetings with men and women who lived centuries ago, but who are still here now, waiting for those who, in their turn have decided to listen to them.

But the journey today has no cliffs to scale  
Nor genuine cities and their geographic tales
It’s a journey, 
a trip towards dreams made real
which can be both touched and yet which I feel.
Painted by men from distant lands   
precious jewels created by hand.
Ancient emotions that still speak today they are old, 
but now I want to hear what they say

It can’t be seen
You can’t seen the wind
It’s invisible to our eyes
more or less like what we feel
but the dust and the leaves
allow the wind to be seen
like the playing of the waves
that show off in the sea
It is the folds of the cloth
that give grace to the motion.
Women dance happily
and show us the wind

You opened the first curtain
when you opened this book
the moment you carefully
turned the pages to look
the second was opened by
the angels on either side
aware of its importance an
full of honour and pride
the third curtain opens up to
life and sound
so delicate that she uses one hand alone

Translation by Jonathan Cox

Conceived and created by Gek Tessaro

Is an author and illustrator. Driven by a provocative spirit combined with a subtle vein of irony, he has worked with numerous different publishing houses and received many important awards, including
the Andersen 2010 Award for best complete author and the National Nati per Leggere Award (Born to read ndt) in 2011. His concept of drawn and illustrated theatre comes from his interest in spoken drawing, pictures that tell stories. Using an overhead projector to display his astonishing techniques, he brings life to the narratives taken from his texts. His capacity for observation and synthesis are transformed into enthralling and absorbing theatrical performances .

Illustrated volume of 64 pages with laminated cover In 28,5 x 28,5 cm format Age: from 9 years upwards

© Carthusia Edizioni - all rights reserved 

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