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With this free revisiting of the immortal character of Don Quixote, the multi award-winning illustrator and artist Gek Tessaro looks at the idea of wandering hearts, the feeling and passion within every thing.
The leitmotiv is Cervantes’ mythical character, with his heart and soul of an errant knight. But it is also about reading, which with its irresistible and overwhelming power and magic,will in the end send Don Quixote mad. Thus it is “reading” itself which becomes the heart of this journey of lyrical poetic impressions and striking visual imagery, between the words and pictures of the story of this timeless man.

Light are the clouds in the sky 
Light are the apple tree leaves 
Light are the waves on the river 
Light are the feathers
Reading is quite another thing 
Like a bird beating its wing 
And then landing on your heart

The heart of bridges 
Which join places together 
Hearts that beat 
Hearts remaining
The heart of my mother 
The heart of the night 
The generous heart 
The heart of Quixotte

Try to imagine on your back the weight of the sea.
This is why a whale’s heart weighs a hundred kilos.
It weighs a hundred kilos yet it’s not at all heavy.

Try and think about the questions , about everything. 
Try and think about the
weight of this world.
Down there in the sea, as black as night.
Try and think of something more real 
A whale’s heart weighs a hundred kilos, yet it is light.

Since a knight without romance 
Is a clock without hands 
A ship with no sea 
A potato with no salt 
A toothless comb, bare and empty Nineteen, without going on twenty 
A trumpet that is mute
What am I without you?

A shoe with no feet 
A hawk that can’t see 
A camel without sand 
A sail with no wind 
Magic with no mystery or charm 
The night comes but it is not dark 
A violin that is mute 
What am I without you?

Death, you don’t frighten nor scare me at all 
Even if you shout loud and call 
Death you hold no fear for me
Even should you destroy the breeze
It is you who mixes and confuses 

The light and shade of two worlds, my leaves with branches 
It is I who go while you endure

I wish it were I that could remain 
To be able to walk again 
To resolve a problem 
Be blood in a vein
Be water in a stream
To be at night a little gleam
To see as though within a game 

What remains of my flame 
Was I a fire, or just a hearth 
What purpose did my burning serve 
What kind of fire have I been
And was somebody burned by me 

Translation by Jonathan Cox


ANDERSEN PRIZE 2012 Best illustrated volume

First reprint

Conceived and created by Gek Tessaro

Is an author and illustrator. Driven by a provocative spirit combined with a subtle vein of irony, he has worked with numerous different publishing houses and received many important awards, including
the Andersen 2010 Award for best complete author and the National Nati per Leggere Award (Born to read ndt) in 2011. His concept of drawn and illustrated theatre comes from his interest in spoken drawing, pictures that tell stories. Using an overhead projector to display his astonishing techniques, he brings life to the narratives taken from his texts. His capacity for observation and synthesis are transformed into enthralling and absorbing theatrical performances.

Illustrated volume of 64 pages with laminated cover • In 28,5 x 28,5 cm format • Contains a DVD Age: from 9 years upwards

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