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The box, once opened, becomes a colourful three-dimensional setting where the cut-out figures be moved to follow the story, as well as a being used to create lots of other stories.

The kitchen garden game


The pleasure of dicovering about fruit, vegetables and honey and creating your very own garden. A game to help children to find out about fruits vegetables and honey in a journey which takes them from growing to eating. The kit contains seeds that allow them to grow their own little vegetable garden.


National Prize A BOOK FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Special mention


Text author: Sandra Dal Borgo, Angela Messina
Illustrations: Fiammetta Dogi, Giulia Re, Erika Luppi

Laminated cardboard box which becomes a 3D setting closed size 46 x 30 cm  40 folding sheets  60 playcards and placemakers a do-it-yourself vegetable garden Age: from 6 years upwards.

What a nice Farm!

Stories about goats, donkeye, geese, cows, shepherd dogs and baby Leo


This is not  just a box: this is a farm too!
You've just to open that and will find out a tridimensional crowded with the caracters of the book.

Text author: Emanuela Nava
Illustrations: Giulia Re

Laminated box-game which becomes a 3D setting closed size 47,5 x 33 cm  contains removable cut-out figures and fold-out book of 12 pages Age: from 4 years upwards.

Series: Openbox
Titles in the series: What a nice farm! The kitchen garden game, Iure - the city of rights, Wonder of wonders!

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