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Journeys out of time into unusual places where the enthralling and involving narrative and wonderful pictures come together to focus particular attention on Art, Astronomy, Travel and much more besides.


The dreams of Liu To



This story by Roberto Piumini is a genuine voyage of discovery into the art of the lute-maker, a complex journey that examines the skill, dedication and passion that result in the creation of this beautiful instrument, and ends up by looking at the fascinating relationship that is established between the craftsman and the musician once the instrument has been finished. Through the use of added in-depth information and extra material, four fact sheets focus on the artistic value of the lute-maker’s profession and the tremendous wealth of an ancient tradition that is ready to be re-discovered, and brought back to life for future generations.

"You can 't make a good violin on the assembly line,
ten, a hundred, a thousand, all alike
You have to make it one at a time: your
for each of them, must be special."


ROBERTO PIUMINI, texts: author of nursery rhymes, poetry, poems, fables, stories, novels, theatre scripts and songs for young and old alike.

PAOLO RUI, illustrations: considered one of the top Italian illustrators, his books have been translated in numerous countries worldwide

Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte Foundation and Antonio Stradivari Foundation: fact sheet information

Paperboard-bound volume in concertina format 24 pages Format: closed 11,5 x 23 cm, opened 138 x 23 cm Age: 3-9 years

Patented format

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