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A new series for young explorers. Natural explorers who want to find out more about the wonders of Nature, and who together with their adventurous guides Lia and Francesco, set off on a great little journey to discover places where they can see, touch, hear and smell, but also to find hidden places that they can only visit in their imagination. The format, the well-drawn natural illustrations and the story are tools which allow children to get close to nature through a journey whose pages allow a level of physical contact.

 Dear Park

Texts author: Emanuela Nava 
Illustrations: Gionata Alfieri, Erika Luppi
Paperboard spiral bound volumes 
  26 pages  In 17 x 48 cm format Opensize 68 x 48 cm Age: from 5 years upwards

Series: Little journeys get bigger
Other titles in the series: Dear Dinosaur, Dear Sea, Dear
Earth, Dear River.

<<My sister collects picture postcards. They show beautiful houses from all over the world: pile-dwellings from Borneo, igloos from the North Pole, skyscrapers from the Yemen with alabaster and coloured glass windows and even houses from Mali with pointed roofs like fairy hair. When she grows up she wants to travel the world and go as far as Timbuktu, where the houses are made out of mud and look like sandcastles. But one day the postman brought a postcard which came from somewhere we didn’t know. It said: See you soon, but there was no signature and the picture wasn’t clear. So, my sister, whose name is Lia and who is eight years and six months old thought that it must be a nice new game. Every morning a mysterious new postcard arrived, and she carefully put them with all the others. In the end she understood. “It’s a jigsaw!” she exclaimed. “If you put all the postcards in order, you can see this wonderful dream place.” “Wonderful place?” I asked. “Sure, Francesco, how else would the place of your dreams be?” she suddenly replied.>>

<<I looked out of the window. Up in the sky, a cloud the shape of a tower was passing by. “I wish my house was a castle” I replied, “with a great big play area to play games like hide and seek and catch. With big tall trees and long paths to explore”. My sister started to laugh. “You’ll soon be happy” she said, “from tomorrow you and I are going to live in a tent!” “In a Red Indian Big Chief tent?” I shouted. “Yes, and all around we’ll have a great big park, much bigger than a castle, and in the park we’ll be able to find animals, trees, streams and lots of dream houses: bird nests, dens, burrows...” Then she stared me seriously in the eyes. “Francesco, you’ll see all the things that we can discover, but also other things that we can only imagine.” “Don’t worry, I’ve got more imagination than anyone” I smiled.>>

Dear River

The large scale format allows greater observation and facilitates discovery, but also allows adults to participate in the reading. Reading and listening to a story is a great emotional experience, and a strong link is forged between the reader and the listener. However the story as told by the reader is never the same as that heard by the listener since we are all free to imagine the story as we wish, in an original style that belongs to us alone. This is the strong point of each story. Listening and reading allow great freedom to think and to imagine, and thus the book becomes a happy opportunity for talking and exchanging ideas.

Texts author: Emanuela Nava 
Illustrations: Anna Pola Del Nevo, Marco Bosio, Erika Luppi, Giulia Re, Rossella Faleni  
Paperboard spiral bound volumes 26 pages  In 17 x 48 cm format  Opensize
68 x 48 cm Age: from 5 years upwards

Series: Little journeys get bigger
Other titles in the series: Dear Dinosaur, Dear Sea, Dear
Park, Dear Earth.

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