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This series is aimed at young explorers who want to discover the wonders of nature, both the distant past and the present.
Led by Lia and Francesco the readers set off on great little journeys where they discover places to look at, touch, listen and smell, but also hidden places that they can only visit with their imagination.
The format, the big posters, the well- drawn natural illustrations and the story are all tools which allow children to get close to nature on a journey whose pages encourage physical contact.

Dear Sea 


Texts author: Emanuela Nava
Illustrations: Marco Bosi, Erika Luppi, Annapaola Del Nevo, Rossella Faleni, Giulia Re.

Paperboard spiral bound volumes 26 pages In 17 x 48 cm format  Opensize 68 x 48 cm  Age: from 5 years upwards

Series: Little journeys get bigger
Other titles in the series: Dear Dinosaur, Dear Earth, Dear
Park, Dear River.

<<Today I put on my tropical swimming costume, the one with the parrot fish and the barracuda on the back. Then I put on flippers, mask and snorkel and I dived into the bath tub. Barracudas are dangerous when there are lots of them, but one on its own doesn't frighten anyone.- What are you doing, Lia?- my brother asked. He had got into the bath without making a sound.- I came up from the depths, blowing out sand and bubbles. - I'm crossing the Red Sea - I replied. - Moses did that too a long time ago. - Francesco smiled with a face like a fish. Moses did it on foot. - I know. As soon as the tide goes out, I'm going to walk, too. I took out the plug, so the seawater goes away slowly,
leaving pools of transparent water among the rocks and clear coral on the bottom.
There were hidey-holes so small that only the tiniest fish and starfish could get into them.>>

<<Francesco is following me he's afraid that the current
will drag me away.
But I'm smiling. 
- Did you see the coral? - I ask him 
- Did you know that their branches are made of tiny white polyps, which spread out like so many upturned umbrellas?!
I go into a safe gorge, into a grotto.
I play hide-and-seek with lobsters, groupers and anglerfish. Francesco waves his arm, and goes into the den. It's my turn to stay below. I stretch out a finger, disturb the water, call the fish with soft words, clicks of the tongue, gentle sounds. There is a skate motionless and flat on the bottom. Suddenly it moves, raises its head and fills its chest: it swims so fast it could be flying.
It does a complete turn, then glides closer and lets me touch it. 
I shout out loud with surprise and happiness. The water is cold and the fish has a slippery skin.
Under the tail it has a long sharp point which can cause a nasty injury. Francesco tells me to watch out, but I'm not afraid of anything - I can speak the fish's silent language. Even a shark, if it meets someone who speaks its language, becomes nice. - Watch out, Lia, five jellyfish to port! - shouts Francesco, brandishing a net, but I avoid their terrible stinging tentacles. I'm almost at the shore, and I want to play on the beach.>>

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