domenica 24 maggio 2015


A silent book that deals in a poetic, strong and
original way with one of the most complex issues of our day: 
the illegal immigration. A little kid and his journey across the sea. 
His story told through engaging images, is actually the same story of
lots of people forced to leave their country. A journey to talk about
hope, war, hospitality, human rights. 
A little story enclosed in a shell that the protagonist 
will share with another kid, 
on an Italian beach.

Text and illustrations: Paola Formica
A well-established and respected author for both
children and adults, she has worked for a number of important
Publishers, magazines and newspapers like “Il Corriere della Sera”.
She teaches at the School of Comics in Milan.

Illustrated albums 36 pages
In 28,5 x 28,5 cm format Age: From 6 years upwards



The Silent Book International Contest 2014, the first international
competition dedicated to silent books, has been promoted by the Municipality
of Mulazzo, the Association Montereggio Country Booksellers, Carthusia
Edizioni, IOB International Organization of Book Town, IBBY Italy and
Bologna Children’s Book Fair.
The Silent Book International Contest is a great challenge for the
international world of illustration: for the first time, illustrators from all over
the world have been invited to participate in a contest for the creation of a
silent book, which has been evaluated by a major international jury.

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