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THE DREAMS OF LIU TO - press release

Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte,
Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica and Coro Sinfonico di Milano Giuseppe Verdi and Fondazione Antonio Stradivari Cremona – La Triennale

in collaboration with

Carthusia Edizioni


Roberto Piumini – Paolo Rui
Illustrated volume for young readers

"You can 't make a good violin on the assembly line,
ten, a hundred, a thousand, all alike
You have to make it one at a time: your
for each of them, must be special."

Straight from the encounter between Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte and Carthusia Edizioni, a publishing house which since more than twenty five years has been planning and publishing educational and amusing books for children and teen-agers, was born the great little volume THE DREAMS OF LIU TO, first title of the innovative series The Art of creation desired by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte in order to let kids know how much beauty, joy and satisfaction can be drawn by choosing a profession connected with art and handicraft for their professional future.

The dreams of Liu To is a genuine voyage of discovery into the art of the lute-maker, one of the most renowed and beautiful art profession, a truly showpiece of our Country in the last five hundred years.

The young Liu To dreams of winning the A
ntonio Stradivari Contest in Cremona, the Olympics of lutherie, which rewards the most skilled lute-maker in the entire world.
Now how could Liu To manage to create a perfect violin and how could he compete with the greatest masters of this ancient and charming art?
Three different dreams, three adventures in the history of lutherie, three outstanding artists will rush at once to his aid.

The original story written by the great author Roberto Piumini, takes place between past and future, between dream and reality, passion, hard work and skill and reveals with an enchanting poetic sense, all secrets of violingmaking.

The text, in prose and verse, is enriched by the dreamlike and exciting illustrations realized by the renowned artist Paolo Rui.

The innovative format is a 24 pages paperboard-bound volume in concertina folded, a patented format by Carthusia. This unique format allows the story to be enjoyed in two ways. It can be read as a real picture book but it can be enjoyed as one long picture which tells the whole story as well. Inside, there are also four pages with information sheets full of insights and interesting facts about lute-making and Italian master lute-makers: Andrea Amati Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù, edited by Virginia Villa, Alessandro Bardelli, Claudio Canevari from the Civica Scuola di Liuteria of City of Milan.

The volume The dreams of Liu To has been published on the occasion of the exhibition "Creating harmony. Luth-making from wood to music" (Milan, Auditorium Fondazione Cariplo, December 6th 2012 - April 7th 2013) curated by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica and Coro Sinfonico di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, Fondazione Antonio Stradivari Cremona – La Triennale.
This venture has been made possible through the generous support of
Vacheron Constantin, historical manufacture of watches in Geneva and with the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo.

The volume The dreams of Liu To has been realized in a special edition that will be distributed free of charge at the exhibition to children and teachers during the guided tours, organized by Le Voci della Città (Phone Number: +39 02 39104149).
The book will be presented on February 22nd, at 18.00 p.m., during the meeting
Lutherie in poetry, at the Auditorium Fondazione Cariplo of Milan, as part of a series of events related to the exhibition.

From February 7th 2013, the volume can be found in all good book shops in Italy at a price of € 11.90.

Press offices:

Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte
tel. 02.89504650

Carthusia Edizioni
Ilaria Maurri tel. 02.4981750,

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Bologna Book Fair 2013

Dear colleagues,

we will be exhibiting at Bologna Book Fair 2013 from Monday March 25th to Thursday March 28th (Hall 26 - Stand B11).

If you are interested in acquiring rights at the fair, we would be most grateful if you contact us so that we can arrange a time for a meeting.

For any inquiries please write to:


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Mental, dreamlike and authentic states of departure and return

Illustrations, cartoons, travel notebooks, visual records, sketches and works of art all on the theme of travel.
The metamorphoses of the traveller is a fabulous illustrated catalogue collecting together the works chosen by the Associazione Illustratori (Association of Illustrators ndt) from among those presented for the competition of the same name. Some of the best illustrators, cartoonists and artists from both Italy and abroad took part in order to breathe life into a project aimed at expressing the experiences of departing and returning.


Introduction: Walter Fochesato Lecturer in the History of popular tradition at the Faculty of Educational Science at the University of Genova, and scholar of children’s literature and the history of illustrating.

Illustrations by 112 illustrators, cartoonists and artists from Italy and abroad.
Project superintended and edited by the Italian Association of illustrators.

Illustrated volume 144 pages Closed size 29,5 x 22 cms Age: adults 

© Carthusia Edizioni - all rights reserved 

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