sabato 1 novembre 2014

Rock-a-bye baby

A tender lullaby to talk to a baby to the rhythm of music and words since he/she is in mummy’s tummy. An ongoing dialogue made by caresses, dance, sounds and poetry that cheers up, brightens and 
makes us feel closer.
The book was created by musician Elizabetta Garilli during workshops with moms, dads and small children. 



Texts and music: Elisabetta Garilli · Pianist and composer, she is an expert in applied music teaching, she is also the curator of the exhibition “Agora. Families and the city meet the music” realized in Verona. She is the author of many musical performances.

Illustrations: Bimba Landmann · Since 1988 she has created illustrations for children with great success both in Italy and abroad. Her books have inspired documentaries, music cds, theater performances and educational activities in schools.

Illustrations: Serena Abagnato · Polymaterials artist, she loves working with materials of any kind (clay, wood, natural materials, fabrics, etc...) with which she creates illustrations and numerous installations and sets for theatrical and musical performances.

Illustrated albums 48 pages with CD In 20 x 21 cm format Age: For parents to be and children 0-3 years

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