venerdì 26 dicembre 2014

Merry christmas and happy new year

Bread and milk


A hardcover book conceived for the little ones, the journey of a baby and his mummy to discover flavors, tastes and emotions related to the act of nutrition. 
The right attitude to food and healthy food can be learned from childhood, together, sharing emotions, curiosity, love and cuddles.

Text: Emanuale Nava
Well known author, she lives in Milan. As a children’s author, she has had around forty books published which have been dedicated to children of all ages. Her books have already been translated in many differemt countries.

Illustrations: Desideria Guicciardini
She lives and works in Milan. She’s an illustrator for the most important Italian and foreign publishing houses. She participated to many exhibitions and events with both works for children and works of art.


Paperboard bound volumes concertina folded 16 pages  in 12 x 17 cm format Open size

98 x 17 cm   Age: from 18 months upwards

Series: The story circle
Paperboard bound books, designed for the youngest readers; to read, to look at and to discover a fabulous picture which unfolds from page to page, creating a
book which seems endless.
Other titles in the series: Ice cream moon and sweetie sun, Friends forever, Pilina's story, Fathermakesall's tale, A curiuus tale of king and princes and toymakers, Lots and lots and lots

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