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Gigina and Gigetta

Playful, humorous picture book that through a 

cheerful rhyme text, describes the world seen 

through the eyes of 

Gigina and her little sister Gigetta: a huge and wonderful game.

A never ending discovery of the world designed 

by adults, that children are able to rethink, 

twist and adapt to suit them.


Conceived and created by Gek Tessaro

Is an author and illustrator. Driven by a provocative spirit combined with a subtle vein of irony, he has worked with numerous different publishing houses and received many important awards, including
the Andersen 2010 Award for best complete author and the National Nati per Leggere Award (Born to read ndt) in 2011. His concept of drawn and illustrated theatre comes from his interest in spoken drawing, pictures that tell stories. Using an overhead projector to display his astonishing techniques, he brings life to the narratives taken from his texts. His capacity for observation and synthesis are transformed into enthralling and absorbing theatrical performances.

Illustrated volume 40 pages with laminated cover In 25 x 23,5 cm format Age: from 3 years upwards

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Leo and the fun of moving

<<Dear children,
the main character of this story is called Leo. 
Together with him you will experience a very special story...
Have you ever gone to school on foot?
Page after page, you'll find out that while you walk you can breathe less black smoke and more clean and fresh air and you can meet small and big surprises along the way.>>

<<On the street all the cars are throwing out really black smoke and they're making noise, even Leo's dad car. Actually he is always angry when he's driving.>> 
<<This smoke stinks!>>

<<Leo don't run please!
There are cars out there!
Leo knows that he has to be careful but he's not scared because his grandfather is holding his hand and he's telling him that when he was a child, there were few cars and the sky was cleaner.>> <<Few cars, less black smoke, a big clean sky. Now I get it!>>


Concept and texts: Adonella Comazzetto and Marianna Turchi
Created in collaboration with the University of Padova

Illustrations: Paola De Pero

Illustrated volumes with paperboard bound covers 30 pages
In 31 x 31 cm format from 4 years upwards

© Carthusia Edizioni - all rights reserved 

C · A · R · T · H · U · S · I · A