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Bilingual books about far-countries tales, to let children know about foreign worlds and different cultures, together with the respect for their own culture. 
This unique format allows the story to be enjoyed in two ways.
It can be read as a real picture book, where the story is presented in two different languages, but it can be enjoyed as one 138 cm long picture which tells the whole story.
Inside, there are also two pages full of information and interesting facts about the country the book is dealing with.

Andersen Prize 2003: Best informative series 
“For the elegance, originality and precision of an editorial project dedicated to the themes of inter-culturalism. For the high and convincing quality of the illustrations. For the pleasure of the short narrated stories”

A story from Serbia

King Trojan had a great secret, which he kept hidden from all of his people. 
Nobody who discovered what it was lived to survive his anger. But secrets, like lies, don’t last for long...

Texts and series edited by Graziella Favaro


Series recommended by Born to Read National Project

Created in collaboration with Ageop Italia Onlus and Nurdor Serbia


Graziella Favaro, texts. Graziella Favaro is a pedagogist and an expert in intercultural education and in the educational inclusion of immigrant children. She is also responsible for the scientific section of “Intercultural Education" by INDIRE (MIUR - Italian Ministry of Education ndt) as well as being the author of numerous essays and manuals on intercultural education.

Valeria Petrone, illustrations. Valeria Petrone is a world-renowned illustrator, having had work published in Italy, Great Britain, the United States, France and Japan. Her work has been chosen by the Annual of the New York Society of Illustrators and the Annual of the Italian Association of illustrators

Texts and series edited by Graziella Favaro

Paperboard bound volumes 24 pages In folded-accordion style Size: 11,5 x 23 cm closed, 138 x 23 cm open  Patented format Age: 3-9 years

Series: Stories without boundaries

22 titles - 20 different languages
AlbanianChineseDariRomanyTagalog Wolof Spanish Arabic Singhalese Khmer AlbanianFrenchTamil EnglishRomanianCreole Kurdish SwahiliSerbian Italian

20 Countries
Albania Algeria Afganistan Cambodia China Egypt  Haiti  India Italy Kenya Iraqui kurdistan Morocco Philippines Perù Romania Rom Story Senegal Serbia Sierra Leone Sri Lanka

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