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It's a collection of stories aimed to let children fly on imagination's wings over cultural boundaries. Children will be so travelling among tales, myths or legends, finding out new ways of learing and living distant cultures' habits.

An illustrated collection of tales from far away-countries
This new collection of eight tales is coming from several worldwide countries. It includes stories from popular tradition of Albania, Algeria, Italy, Morocco, Rumania, Africa, Sri Lanka and Rom people.


There, it's coming with delicate little steps it's time to say good night and turn out the light. Eyes are closing and sounds are softening. And you? You want to stay awake whatever it takes! That's why you whine and moan and pull expressive long faces. I won't stay any more. But are you really sure that staying awake is the best choice? Have you never thought that right there, in that warm and comfortable place called dreamland, you can have the most incredible adventures? What you're going to read are stories that come from three different continents and which are gathered together in this book precisely to make you dream. They are stories of little people and giants, of warriors and princesses, of talking animals and enchanted objects, of tricks and magic. They are adventures dedicated to all those who never stop travelling, to those who have their rucksack on their shoulders and who fly on the wings of their own imagination.

What goes around comes around

<<One day Giuhà and his wife went on a long journey. They put all their belongings on their camel and set off towards the City of a Thousand Palms, where they hoped to find their fortune.
They passed through many towns, they travelled along roads that were almost deserted and finally they arrived at an oasis where there was a small town inhabited almost entirely by traders and dyers.
«We have no more food. Tomorrow, you will have to go to the souk and sell our most beautiful rug, the one from the dowry, so at least we'll have a little money to live on» Giuhà's
wife said to him.
This lady was a skilled weaver and it was her favourite rug, with magnificent colours and elegant pictures. She was very sad to have to sell it, but it was the only way that they could continue their journey and
get to the city.>>

Did you know Morocco

<<Morocco is on the west of the Arab world, in the direction where the sun sets, and its name in Arabic (El Maghreb) means “sunset”. Today the word “Maghreb” is used to describe the cultural and geographical area made up of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

The most colourful market in the world
One of the most typical places in all of North Africa is the souk. This is a very special market where you can find every- thing: perfumes, spices, rugs and carpets, embroidery, silver objects, expensive clothes, food and drinks... but also shouts and offers from the traders! Every city has its market and people come from near and far to buy and sell.

The ship of the desert
In the following story there is a camel (an animal with two humps). In actual fact the camels that live in Morocco are mostly dromedaries, which have only one hump. These animals are often used to transport
things and people, so much so that they are called “ships of the desert

Texts: Graziella Favaro 
Illustrations: M. Celija, E. Daviddi, B. Landmann, P. La Porta, O. Monaco, S. Mulazzani, M. Olivotto, M. Tanco.
Illustrated volumes bound with paper board cover • 80 pages In 17 x 29 Age: from 8 years upwards.

Series: Stories with wings
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