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An innovative and successful series with the stated intention of helping the youngest readers to come to terms with the doubts that they have about themselves. The idea is to give them simple, clear and accessible to- ols so that they can deal successfully with the anguish of feeling inadequate, as well as becoming calm and relaxed and more confident in their ability to cope.

The courage to think about God

Growing up without forgetting the important things

You can’t see God but you can feel his presence, in the heart of the city, in the history of mankind, in the way people think and act. For good, for bad. God (or Allah, Jahvé, Brahma etc...) is in the thoughts of everyone, even those who don’t believe in him. But, as with all relationships, even the one that we have with God can go wrong. This book tells children about the need that man has, and has always had, for spirituality and the need to make sense of the world and all it contains, and how thinking about God can help us to find answers.



Text author: Domenico Barrilà 
Illustrations: Emanuela Bussolati 
Picture book 40 pages  In 23 x 23 cm format Age from 4 years upwards

Series: Growing up without side-effects
Other titles in the series: The courage to be ME, The courage to be brave, The courage to be open-hearted, This is me.

Series devised and edited by Domenico Barrilà 

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