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Large format illustrated albums that are aimed at drawing childrens’ attention to the importance of having respect for the environment. Reading these absorbing stories and identifying with their protagonists leads young readers to discover the importance of little everyday gestures and actions that go to make a better world! These volumes also contain games and activities dealing with raising awareness about environmental education.

Ada and the rubbish 

Together with Ada, children discover that the things that we throw away can be used again... but only if our rubbish is divided and separated!

Illustration: Marissa Morelli

Ado and the fun of moving 

One day, Leo doesn’t go to school by car; instead he walks there with his grandfather... an opportunity for a walk full of surprises. An experience to repeat again and again!

Illustrations: Paola De Pero

Ado and the light

Ado is really afraid of the dark, the dark in the night when the sun goes to sleep... and so when he goes to sleep he always leaves the light on: but sometimes he forgets to turn it off, even when he goes to school. Until he discovers that like the sun, even a light-bulb has to go to sleep, and if you don’t need it, it’s better to turn it off.

Illustrations: Cristina Gibellato

Lea and the water

Sometimes Lea is a little absent-minded, she forgets to do things: to have breakfast, to ask the bathroom tap when to clean her teeth... until she discovers that every drop of water is important for Planet Earth, and even she can help!

Illustrations: Ilaria Mozzi

Ada and the rubbish

<<Dear children, Ada is the main character of this story. 
Together with her you'll discover that all the things that we throw away can be used again and can be transformed into new objects... but beware, this magic is possible only if the rubbish is divided and separated! How? 
Let's find out together with Ada... >>

<<Ada can not play today! At home there is too much noise and what a mess!
But what is happening?
Dad and Mom run from room to room with big boxes. Today is spring cleaning! Why?
They have decided to throw away all the old things they don't need anymore and they don't used anymore.
What is going to happen?

This evening near the front door there are two boxes. What's inside? One is full of plastic bottles, the other is full of old paper. Why?
Because the rubbish must be separated, says Mom.
So it can be transformed into other objects, explains Dad.
Then Ada begins to think about it. Rubbish can be transformed? In what? She is in her room, she puts her head on the pillow and she closes her eyes.>>

<<All the old sheets of paper are now flying lightly above her head, they seem new, different than before...
That morning Ada gets up and what a beautiful surprise! Near the boxes there is now a notebook, a notebook made with recycled paper, a paper reborn from the old sheets.
Great! Ada opens it. There's a drawing on the first page. It is a drawing of a bucket made with plastic bottles.
Now Ada understands why Mom and Dad use to separate rubbish.

She decides to make the same thing too!!
Old things are precious and can be converted into something new. Like her notebook, the most beautiful notebook that Ada has ever dreamed.


Concept and texts: Adonella Comazzetto and Marianna Turchi
Created in collaboration with the University of Padova

Illustrated volumes with paperboard bound covers 30 pages In 31 x 31 cm format Age: from 4 years upwards

© Carthusia Edizioni - all rights reserved 

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