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Illustrated volumes with delicate short tales written for the youngest readers and with activity pages at the end of the book. A series which presents a collection of stories that deal with important and difficult subjects in clear and simple language.

Once upon a time there was a tiny little dolphin


A delicate tale which tells the story of the unexpected birth of a tiny little dolphin, of its vulnerability in the stormy seas all around, and how important it is to have the love and support of all those around on the new journey that is life

<<Once upon a time there was a tiny little dolphin, and there was his mummy dolphin, a mummy dolphin and her newly-arrived baby dolphin, who was born without any warning on a terrible stormy day...>>

"There were so many different fish: devil fish, groupers, tuna, even flying fish and clown fish, but none of them could help him. It was when he felt a tentacle tickling a fin that 
he suddenly felt a shiver running down his spine.

<<Welcome>> said an octopus <<What are you looking for?>>
<<A treasure. A treasure that can save my son.>>
The octopus had eight arms and three hearts; this the dolphin knew."

Text author: Emanuela Nava
Illustrations: Giulia Re

Illustrated and bound volume 40 pages In 23 x 23 cm format Age: from 3 years and upwards 

Series: Squared stories
Other titles in the series: Nino little yellow chick, The cat who lost his tail, I'm right here.

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