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Paperboard bound books, designedfor the youngest readers: to read, to look at and to discover a fabulous picture which unfolds page to page, creating a book which seems endless. 

Lots and lots and lots 


With the amusing yet poetic language that only he is capable of, the great Gek Tessaro tells the funny story of a day in the life of an enormous, unusual and incredibly crowded family: that of a mother penguin and her hundred little ones...
The short rhyming text goes together with the beautiful rich illustrations that unfold as though they were a single picture, stretching over the whole 16 pages of a book that is almost 2 metres long.
The funny adventures told in the story follow on one after another, leading us through pages that are full of life, laughter, colour, and that are happy, crowded and busy... just like Mother Penguin’s day.

<<You can see there are lots, so you ask yourself but how did their mother do it... or am I going nuts?
The reason there are so many is one simple fact; she laid a hundred eggs, it’s as easy as that.
If she’d had thousands, counting would have been tough if she’d had three, well, that’s less than enough.
Anyway today a fine trip has been planned all over our world, our wonderful land
Playing in the wind you can get quite a fright we’re bigger than yesterday, but we’re still pretty light>>


<<But now it’s the evening and the flag comes to rest I don’t trust the dark so we all go back to the nest.
It mightn’t seem much but counting them is no game and I don’t know how but I remember each name.

I can’t find the right words to say I’d feel lonely if just one went away and when I go to sleep, the last thing I recall is thinking to myself how much I love them all.>>

Conceived and created by Gek Tessaro

Gek Tessaro is a master artist and prize-winning author and illustrator of books for children. Among his awards are the 2010 Andersen Award for the “Miglior autore completo (Best Complete Author [ndt])” and the National “Nati per leggere” 2011 Award. In 2012 together with Carthusia he won the Andersen Award for Best Illustrated Album with his book “The hert of Quixote”.

Paperboard bound volumes 16 pages in 22 x 33 cm format Open size 176 x 33 cm   Age: from 2 years upwards

Series: The story circle
Other titles in the series: Ice cream moon and sweetie sun, Friends forever, Pilina's story, Fathermakesall's tale, A curious tale of king and princes and toymakers, Only for love. 

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