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A series cartoon booklets starring Vasco as the main character, an anusual travelling rabbit who goes around the world looking for friends. Each story, simple and amusing, takes place in a different natural setting, where vasco meets the animals who live there and joints them in the everyday things that they do.

Lullabies and cuddles

<<After a day of games in the sun, it is evening in the woods.
Vasco The Rabbit gets all the pyjamas ready. All right dreamers, everyone to bed.
Grunts and squeaks. Why don't you go to sleep, little ones?
Kisses on the face. Lullabies in the ears. 
Gloworms for the dark.
Tender cuddles.
A warm feeding bottle.
A long long story for those who can't sleep.
Even Vasco is sound asleep.
Oh how lovely, the sun's come up.
Come on Vasco Coniglio, wake up, you can play as well!>>

<<Grunts and squeaks. Why don't you go to sleep, little ones?>>

<<Gloworms for the dark>>



Temping surprise

Spashes and bubbles

Ice snack

<<From the Pole Below Vasco The Rabbit and his friend Little Penguin have arrived>>
<<Fly fly fly.>>

Text author: Emanuela Nava
Devising and illustrations: Giulia Re
Paperbound bound volumes 24 pages   In 18 x 20 cm format  Age: from 2 years upwards

Series: Vasco's travels
Titles in the series: Ice snack, Tempting surprise, Spashes and bubbles, Lullabies and cuddles.

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