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Paperboard bound books, designedfor the youngest readers: to read, to look at and to discover a fabulous picture which unfolds page to page, creating a book which seems endless.

Ice Cream Moon and sweetie sun


A nursery rhyme on the complicity of the relationship between brothers and sister.

Text author: Chiara Carminati
Illustrations: Simona Mulazzani




Friends forever


The game of "If I was..." between two close friends.

Text author: Sabina Colloredo
Illustrations: Patrizia La Porta

Fathermakesall's Tale

A tender story dedicated to all fathers.

Text author: Bruno Tognolini
Illustrations: Piotr Socha

Paperboard bound volumes16 pages in 22 x 33 cm formatOpen size 176 x 33 cmAge: from 2 years upwards

Series: The story circle
Titles in the series: Only for love, Ice cream moon and sweetie sun, Friends forever, Pilina's story, Fathermakesall's tale, A curiuus tale of king and princes and toymakers, Lots and lots and lots.

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