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A series of fascinating books that take inspirations fro objects, artefacts and symbolic treasures from the past and create enthralling stories


Garibaldi's Jeans 

or how Celestine won her battle

Sicily, May 1860
After Marsala
Night. A black night that weighed on the shoulders like a soaking wet coat.
Giuseppe was following his father'a irregular footstep along a rocky path. far away, flashes of light and the occasional explosion showed that the battle was continuing, down there on the plain.
<< Come on  Pnin, we're almos there.>> Where were they headed? he had been asking himself for some time now, since his father, one of Garibaldi's captains, had been struggling up mountain. Giuseppe, whose nickname was pinin, followed him closely. He was wearing a three-coloured rosette on his arm, and carrying a by now empty rucksack and a bag full of bandages and alcohol. he was twelve years old. he had neither a pistol, nor a musket. No weapons for the General's children, but a lot of work. In those strange days, since they had landed at marsala, Pinin had been run off his feet delivering orders, cleaning mud from the officer's boots, treating slight injuries, taking medicine around. noe, with his legs rubbery from fatigue and eyes puffy from sleep, he was following his father. They were going into the night, his father in front, with his surgeon's bag over his shoulder. <<Look... down there... a light...>>

Translation by Jonathan Cox

Garibaldi's Jeans  
or how Celestine won her battle 
This historical novel talks about a meeting between Garibaldi (a young guy marching with the Thousand Army) and Celestina a lonely girl looking her mule).
the boy and the girl will embark together on the  journey as the General's followers. During the tripè, they live dangerous adventures and discover that Garibaldi used to wear strange eccentric trousers...
The pocket format includes big pictures and a little history section.


Story: Luisa Mattia
Illustrations: Paolo D'Altan

Bound volumes 96 pages  In 12 x 21 cm format with further information pages  Age: from 8 years upwards

Series: From Treasure to Treasure
Other titles in the series: Monna Lisa's charm, Back home, The kings of the world, Heroes coming from the sea.

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