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Paperboard bound books, designedfor the youngest readers: to read, to look at and to discover a fabulous picture which unfolds page to page, creating a book which seems endless.

Just for love

A simple and poetic story: the tender and playful dialogue between a little toucan and his mother

Once upon a time there was a curious little toucan. One day he asked his mother...
“ If I was a cloud, what would you be?” 

 “I would be the wind,” she replied “to ruffle your feathers.”
“And if I was a snake?” “I'd be the branch that makes you play.”
“And if I was a waterfall?” “I'd be the stone that makes you sing.” 

“And if I was a tiger?” “I'd be the fly, buzzing around your nose.”
“And if I was a tree, what would you be?” 
“I'd be the rain, that makes you grow up.”
“And if I was a banana?” 
“I'd be the sun, that makes you ripens.”
“And if I was a black panther?” 
“I'd be the night, so I could hold you.”
“And if I was the mamy toucan?” 
“I'd be your baby, which is so sleepy and eager to be pampered.”

Text: Sabina Colloredo
Illustrations: Patriza La Porta

Paperboard bound volumes 16 pages  in 22 x 33 cm format Open size
176 x 33 cm  Age: from 2 years upwards

Series: The story circle
Other titles in the series: Ice cream moon and sweetie sun, Friends forever, Pilina's story, Fathermakesall's tale, A curiuus tale of king and princes and toymakers, Lots and lots and lots.


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