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Illustrated albums, with short delicate stories written for the youngest readers, and with end pages full of activities

The cat who lost his tail

This is the story of a cat who lost its tail, and with it the way of expressing its emotions and feelings and the long journey that it made to gate it back, and how it became a hero along the way.
This delicate and delightful story has been created particularly for the yungest children as they undergo therapy and treatment.

For all brave children... and those who don’t know that they are

  <<Once upon a time there was a little cat. A small tabby cat who one day lost its tail. «Without my tail I can not meow in the moonlight. I can not get angry and I can not even fall in love» he said.
«I must go to the shop where they sell new tales.»

But at the tales shop they only sold persian tails, siamese tails, red tails, black and blue tails. 
«I want my tabby tail,» said the cat «we don't have any tabby tails here. You've to try in the Offi ce of the Great Wise Ones» replied the clerk.

The office was very far away. To get there the little cat had to walk down a dark road: he was small and afraid. «Do you know where is my tail, Wise Gentlemen?». He asked, meowing softly. «Your tail is on the Top of the World. Are you ready to go?» said the Great Wise Ones: they were three and they repeated the same words, as a Beautiful Echo. They were in charge of guarding in the Universe the tails lost by kittens.

To go on the Top of the world it was necessary to down a long, steep staircase: then to wear a helmet, get into a Space Capsule, keep still and be carried away.

On the Top of the World is far away. «I must also draw the sword? 'Said the cat. «You don't need the sword» said the three Wise Ones. «But only the courage that comes from the heart.»

The helmet should be made to measure: a warm, soft cloth, which the six paws of the Great Wises modeled and modeled again with care on the cat's head.
The cat was curious and patient.
When the helmet was ready, the cat lay down in the capsule, motionless as he has been told by the Great Wises. As soon as the red lights turned on he hear a voice...>>


Emanuela Nava, text. As a children’s author, she has had around forty books published which have been dedicated to children of all ages. 
For five years she has written the scripts and texts for Albero Azzurro, a RAI TV programme dedicated to the smallest viewers. She has won numerous awards, including the Grinzane Cavour Junior.
Annalisa Beghelli, illustrations. A young and eclectic architect with a passion for illustrations. Thtough involving herselfd wholeheartedly and successfully in the project together with Carthusia’s guidance, she has managed to create her first illustrated children’s book.

Texts author: Emanuela Nava 
Illustrations: Annalisa Beghelli

Bound and illustrated volume 40 pages  In 23 x 23 cm format  Age: from 3 years upwards

Series: Squared stories
Other titles in the series: Nino little yellow chick, I'm right here, Once upon a time there was a tiny little dolphin.


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