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Paperboard bound books, designedfor the youngest readers: to read, to look at and to discover a fabulous picture which unfolds page to page, creating a book which seems endless.  

Pilina's Story

"One fine day Pilina was born.
She was just as small as any other new-born baby, but she had hair longer than any other baby in the world.
“Cut her hair!” everybody said, but her parents didn't want to, and so Pilina grew up.
Her hair was very very long, and it waved in the wind, full of butterflies, leaves and flowers.
One day Pilina came to the big city. “Too much hair!” said the guards, and they wanted to cut it, but then Prince Tristano asked her: “Do you want to play?”.
They made hundreds of plaits, and tied a kite to each one. Nobody wanted to cut her hair after that. One day Pilina..."

The simple and timeless tale of growing up.

Text author: Roberto Piumini
Illustrations: Mara Cerri

Paperboard bound volumes16 pagesin 22 x 33 cm formatOpen size 176 x 33 cm Age: from 2 years upwards

Series: The story circle
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