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You can


"The wind came, and then the rain, 

and then the storm. 

It was dark everywhere. Around and inside. 

After that, the world had been ther before, 

was just gone forever.  

It was no longer recognizable. 

There were only ruins. And so, they left. "


"YOU CAN" talks, in an indirect, delicate and poetic way, about the 

terrible experience of  the loss of a close family member, a death that 

destroys the life of a child and his family... a chasm that opens up... 

but it's not the end of everything.  

"YOU CAN" talks about a great pain but also describes the possibility to 

overcome it in order to be able to find a new way of living together: 

"It takes commitment, strength and effort, it takes words and silences, 

and memory. But you can do it. "



Texts: Beatrice Masini

She lives and works in Milan. Journalist, translator of novels

(including Harry Potter, from the third volume of the series onwards). 

She has published forty books for children and teens, including 

illustrated albums, collections of short stories and novels, many of 

them published in many languages).

Illustrations: Arianna Papini

She lives and works in Florence, she is a well know author and  


She has published more than seventy books with many Italian and 

European publishing houses. She has received numerous awards. 

She has taken part in eighty solo and group exhibitions in Italy and 


She’s a volunteer at the Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology for 


Illustrated albums 32 pages  In 23 x 34 cm format  Age: from 5 years upwards

Series: I need a story

Other titles in the series: 

A foster-mother for princess Martina (talking about foster care). 

The house with lots of windows (talking about the hospitalization 

of children).

Anna finds her dreams (talking about child abuse).

Bibo in the mirror-land (talking about international adoption).

My sister is a four leaf-clover (talking about disability and family 


I'm not splitting up (talking about separation).

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