giovedì 11 settembre 2014

The right place

Little squirrel, after a long and cold winter, decides to go in search of 

a mysterious place, a place where he feels he needs to go. 

He knows very well that the right place exists somewhere but he 

doesn’t know exactlywhere. 

To find the right place he asks Woodpecker,Turtle, Tit, Mole and Owl 

along the way. 

Thanks to their suggestions he decides to stop by "a big 

tree with deep roots and wide and long branches". 

The right place! A big tree able to understand the needs of everyone 

and where nobody feels lonely...

 The value of being together and never feeling alone 


Text: Beatrice Masini 

Beatrice Masini: she lives and works in Milan. Journalist, translator of 

novels (including Harry Potter, from the third volume of the series 

onwards). She has published forty books for children and teens, 

including illustrated albums and collections of short stories and novels, 

many of them published in many languages.

Illustrations: Simona Mulazzani

She lives and works in Pesaro. She works with Italian, American, 

Japanese and French publishers. She has created many picture books 

but also commercials, short films and television themes, many of them 

award-winning and highly successful.

Illustrated volume 36 pages Format: 28,5 x 28,5 cm Age: from 4 upwards 



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