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Bounce Bounce

An original character and his funny adventure inside a balloon that travels between earth, sea and sky. A silent book that will make your curiosity and imagination "bounce".

BOUNCE BOUNCE is a funny and engaging silent book conceived for children. 
The book tells the adventure of a funny pet who, inside a balloon, "bounces and flies" up in the sky, into space, and deep down into the sea... 
A journey through a world suspended between dream and reality in which every place and every character, including the little balloon, has a curious identity to be discovered. 
A picture story that involves the reader in a playful game able to surprise up to the last page.

"... In some ways, a silent book is even more beautiful than a written book.

A silent book, in particular a well done silent book of course, definitely  raises more questions, makes us more investigative, more reflective, more independent and ultimately more involved as co-authors in the narrative contained in it. 

A silent book is always adventurous and surprising in the same way for those who imagined it at first and for those who reads and will re-imagines it along the way.
A silent book provokes a brand new emotion every time."
Ferruccio Giromini

Designed and created by Brian Fitzgerald.
Brian Fitzgerald is a well known Irish illustrator, he lives and works in Dublin. 

Graduated from the National College of Art and Design, he has won numerous 

international awards.  

He's the winner of the International Illustrated Silent Book Contest  2014, of the Creative 

Quarterly Summer 2014, of the pplied Arts llustration Awards (Editorial) 2014 and of the 

AICAD Bronze Award. 

He is selected for Luerzer's 200 Best Illustrations Worldwide 2014-15 and for Images 36, 

The Best of British Illustration. Also he is shortlisted for Réics Carló Young Persons Book 

of the Year Award 2011 and 2012. 

He has created illustrations for advertising, magazines, newspapers, and for numerous 

children's books.

Illustrated volume 64 pages • Format: 28,5 x 28,5 cm Age: from 3 upwards

Bounce Bounce by Brian Fitzgerald
is the winner of the 2014 Silent Book Contest,
the first international Silent Book Contest.

The Silent Book International Contest 2014

the first international competition dedicated to silent books, 

has been promoted by the Municipality of Mulazzo, the Association 

Montereggio Country Booksellers, Carthusia Edizioni, IOB International 

Organization of Book Town, IBBY Italy and Bologna Children's Book Fair.

 The Silent Book International Contest was a great challenge for the 

international world of illustration: for the first time, illustrators from 

all over the world have been invited to participate in a contest for the 

creation of a silent book, which has been evaluated by 

a major international jury.

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