venerdì 31 ottobre 2014

Together we are unique

Jaguar and lizard are very tired after the party, they actually have so many thoughts. They feel that something is missing. Something that they seem to have lost.
Something that they would love to have back. So owl, monkey, spider and all the other animals, decide to help them out - by using colors and imagination - to get back what they want. There are things that you can and you should try to fix, and it’s
definitely better to do it together with other people.

<< They went back home.
They were tired but they felt close, special. 
And strong.
...To lose your tail
and then to find it.
Nothing was impossible.>>

Texts: Beatrice Masini
Beatrice Masini: she lives and works in Milan.
Journalist, translator of novels (including Harry Potter, from the third
volume of the series onwards). She has published forty books for children and teens, including illustrated albums, collections of short stories and novels, many of them published in many languages).

Illustrations: Annalisa Beghelli
A young and eclectic architect with a passion for illustrations.
She creates editorial projects and illustrations for children books.

Illustrated albums 36 pages In 28,5 x 28,5 cm format Age: from 6 years upwards

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