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Dario is a boy like many others, but he is also a king who is fighting for his queen. He will have to face a lot of obstacles in order to reach his beloved Mina who is disappeared into a magical carpet. A story of chivalry, to tell the incredible beauty represented in a fine Persian rug, restored to its original splendor by an expert restoration work. The information sheets illustrate the profession of restorer, as well as the accuracy, the care and expertise that are needed to excel in this ancient art.


Emanuela Nava texts: author of fables, stories, novels, for young and old alike.

Patrizia La Porta, illustrations: considered one of the top Italian illustrators, his books have been translated in numerous countries worldwide

Paperboard-bound volume in concertina format 24 pages Format: closed 11,5 x 23 cm, opened 138 x 23 cm Age: 3-9 years


Journeys out of time into unusual places where the enthralling and involving narrative and wonderful pictures come together to focus particular attention onArt, Astronomy, Travel and much more besides.

Other titles in the series: The dreams of Liu To The guy who transforms thinkgs, and his little sister too 

Patented format

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