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Playful rhymes and beautiful illustrations to tell the story of a dream come true. A project born out of the enthusiasm of a very special girl and all the people who believed in her dream. This is the amazing adventure of a group of citizens that, pulled by the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, have decided to revive an abandoned place, transforming it - with natural materials and energy-saving systems - in a new place open to everyone. An example of how through the interest and concern for the environment, for other people and for yourself, It’s really possible to create a better world.


A well-established and
respected author for both children and adults, she has worked for
a number of important Italian and foreign publishers, and has had
her work translated world-wilde.

Architect and founding
member of the Cooperative Le Ali. For many years she
has been cultivating the dream of being able to live more
consciously her own life. This intention has become a reality
in many projects that she has promoted and carried out.



She’s one of the most original and wellknown
Italian illustrators. In 1999 she won the Andersen
Prize as best illustrator of the year. She has illustrated more
than a hundred books, many of which have won prestigious
awards world-wilde.

Illustrated volume with paperboard cover 36 pages  In 28,5 x 28,5 cm format Age: from 7 years upwards

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