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 In their grandparents’ attic, Simone and Elena find an old map of the Royal Palace in Monza…. and so, almost as if it was one of Grandpa’s memories, this is how the story starts. It is set in the beautifully decorated halls and splendid gardens of the Royal Palace in Monza at the end of the 19th Century, and with the help of historical characters, imagination and a little curiosity, the reader discovers a day full of lots of entertaining surprises.

The Royal Palace between history and imagination

Patrizia la Porta, Originally from Rome, she now lives and works in Milan. She has illustrated books for numerous publishers both in Italy and abroad. Since 2004 she has taught on a course for illustrators at the European Design Institute in Milan.

The text is by a group of children from the Second and Third classes of the Confalonieri Elementary school in Monza, who have attended a storytelling workshop held by Marco Ravasio, a teacher at the famous Holden School in Turin.
Illustrations: Patrizia La Porta
Bound and illustrated volume 64 pages In 17 x 20 cm format Age: from 7 years upwards

Series: Stories with wings 
A series of enthralling illustrated books in which to lose yourself amidst tales, fables, myths and legends, and also to appreciate all the different styles of story-telling.

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