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This innovative series aims to help children to solve their self-esteem troubles; the series wants to provide children with the instruments to goover matters without damaging other people. A must-have educational resource  make children feel self-confident and an active part of civil consciousness. 

The courage to be ME

Becoming adult by being ourselves without aping other people

A new step on the way to a courageous life.
To solve the problem of how important and valid they are, children must find out who they are. They have to become important for someone. They try and try again, they take refuge in approval in order not to feel different from others, but then, one day, they realize that by doing so they become invisible and they cannot be picked out among others. And so begins the search for individual and personal solutions, everyone chooses their own path.

Psychology in the hands of a child 

<<Some ideas, however, become cages that can kill our dreams.>>

This is how the lifestyle of a child is created day after day, the mark of his personality, the imprint that will make him perfectly recognizable, more recognizable than his own name.
Page after page, the characters speak about the big issue of the children’s identity: in order to be themselves, children need to be brave. This book starts from children’s fear to be cut out by the friends’ group. But what do we need to be “special”? Our footprint is represented not only by the identity’s features (male, female, black, white... ) but also by our life-style.

<<We are part of nature, we are important because we are different and special.>>

 <<Cages are also used to divide and make classifications.>>

<<It takes courage to accept ourselves as we are and to be accepted by others.>>

Text author: Domenico Barrilà
Illustrations: Emanuela Bussolati 
Paperboard-bound volume  40 pages In 23 x 23 cm format  Age from 4 years upwards

Series: Growing up without side effects
Other titles in the series: The courage to be brave, The courage to be open-hearted, The courage to think about God, This is me.

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